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Hillary Clinton to bring four years of war as Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State will not change anything. The color of the skin does not change the essence of aggressive politics. She definitely enjoys great respect in the United States as a woman who returned to big politics after the infamous scandal with her husband. Unlike Condoleezza Rice, Clinton has a more subtle perception of the moment. She realizes that life is not based on the American dream but follows a completely different motto: “We either swim or drown.” The USA and its new administration will have to resume cooperation with Russia in terms of nuclear security cooperation and the reduction of nuclear arms within the scope of the US-Russian START-1 Treaty. The statement was voiced by John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations.


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Venezuela’s Chavez says Obama has “stench” of Bush
CAMPO CARABOBO, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday Barack Obama had the “stench” of his predecessor as U.S. president and was at risk of being killed if he tries to change the American “empire.” Most world leaders expect a new era of U.S. foreign relations when Obama, a Democrat, is sworn in as president on Tuesday after Republican George W. Bush’s eight years in the White House. But Chavez said frayed ties with Washington were unlikely to improve despite the departure of Bush, who the Venezuelan leader has often called the “devil.” “I hope I am wrong, but I believe Obama brings the same stench, to not say another word,” Chavez said at a political rally on a historic Venezuelan battlefield. “If Obama as president of the United States does not obey the orders of the empire, they will kill him, like they killed Kennedy, like they killed Martin Luther King, or Lincoln, who freed the blacks and paid with his life.”

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Hitlery Clinton Promises Even More Imperial Hubris and Double-Speak as Secretary of the State,0,1006233.story
Reporting from Washington — Secretary of State-designate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday promised a new diplomacy that would give America “more partners and fewer adversaries” and signaled her intention to reach out to Iran and continue the uphill struggle for Middle East peace. At a five-hour Senate confirmation hearing, Sen. Clinton said she and President-elect Barack Obama would overhaul the approach of the Bush administration with a rejuvenated emphasis on diplomatic engagement, alliance-building and development.
…Zig Heil!!

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Obama Nixes the Return of Michael Hayden to the CIA but Appoints Clinton Chief of Staff Retread Leon Panetta to CIA Director
Mr. Panetta has a reputation in Washington as a competent manager with strong background in budget issues, but has little hands-on intelligence experience. If confirmed by the Senate, he will take control of the agency most directly responsible for hunting senior Al Qaeda leaders around the globe, but one that has been buffeted since the Sept. 11 attacks by leadership changes and morale problems. Given his background, Mr. Panetta is a somewhat unusual choice to lead the C.I.A., an agency that has been unwelcoming to previous directors perceived as outsiders, such as Stansfield M. Turner and John M. Deutch. But his selection points up the difficulty Mr. Obama had in finding a C.I.A. director with no connection to controversial counterterrorism programs of the Bush era.

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