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Global Pirate Banksters Look to Inflict a Manufactured Drought on California to Pull an Enron with Water through their Tool Arnold the Gropenfuhrer
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday declared a state emergency due to drought and said he would consider mandatory water rationing in the face of nearly $3 billion in economic losses from below-normal rainfall this year. As many as 95,000 agricultural jobs will be lost, communities will be devastated and some growers in the most economically productive farm state simply are not able to plant, state officials said, calling the current drought the most expensive ever. Schwarzenegger, eager to build controversial dams as well as more widely backed water recycling programs, called on cities to cut back water use or face the first ever mandatory state restrictions as soon as the end of the month.


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Alex Jones on Kid Rock’s “Warrior” Pentagon Propaganda Piece

…propaganda piece complete with military “assisting” fireman and police.

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Transportation Agency Attempts to GPS Geotag Every Car and Charge Drivers by Mileage
Last week Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood floated the idea of a mileage tax. “The idea — which involves tracking drivers through Global Positioning System (GPS) units in their cars — is gaining support in some states as a way of making up for a shortfall in highway funding,” reports CNN. It didn’t take long for Obama to reject the idea — at least for now. The National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission report rolling out the mileage tax is designed not to foist this intrusive technology on the American people in the short term, but rather get them acclimated to the idea of being tracked and taxed. “The White House was somewhat premature,” commission Chairman Robert Atkinson told Bloomberg. “It’s absolutely critical that we look at it. The members of Congress that are committed to a robust transportation system are certainly very aware of the risks of that system not having as much money as it needs because of the stated policy of the Obama administration.” According to Atkinson and the panel, the so-called stimulus bill won’t be sufficient to meet highway-funding needs and financing programs in partnership with private companies “can play an important supplementary role.”

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Daniele Ganser, author of “NATO’s Secret Armies”, on German Television part 4: How false flag operations are exposed

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Oracle of Omaha Battered by the Derivatives Maelstrom of the Federal Reserve and Bank of England: Buffett Apologizes to Shareholders for 2008 Multibillion Dollar Investment Blunders
Even the world’s best-known investor couldn’t get it right in 2008, apologizing to his shareholders for doing “some dumb things” with their money. Billionaire Warren Buffett said in his annual letter to shareholders that while last year was a bad year for all investors, he made some mistakes that he now regrets. “I made some errors of omission, sucking my thumb when new facts came in that should have caused me to reexamine my thinking and promptly take action,” Buffett wrote in a letter released this morning.

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French Professor Sacked Over Book Highlighting US-Israeli 9/11 Connection

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US to boycott UN racism conference at Israel’s Request
The United States has decided to boycott an upcoming UN conference on racism unless its final document is changed to drop all references to Israel. The Conference Against Racism, to be held in Geneva in April, is a follow-up to the conference held in the South African town of Durban in 2001. On Friday, a US delegation taking part in the preparatory talks in Geneva, said the draft resolution was unacceptable. The US and Israeli delegations walked out of the 2001 meeting in protest against the resolution which likened Zionism – the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state – to racism. Israel and Canada have already announced they will boycott the conference, which is known as Durban II.

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Seattle Cop Beats 15 Year Old Girl in Holding Cell

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A Nuclear Needle in a Haystack: The Cold War’s Missing Atom Bombs,1518,590513,00.html
In a 1968 plane crash, the US military lost an atom bomb in Greenland’s Arctic ice. But this was no isolated case. Up to 50 nuclear warheads are believed to have gone missing during the Cold War, and not all of them are in unpopulated areas. It was a little early to be swimming in the Mediterranean that year. But in early March 1966, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, the Spanish information minister at the time, and Biddle Duke, the American ambassador in Madrid, together with their respective families, plunged into the chilly waters off the Costa Cálida. Journalists from around the world had gathered on the beach of the small village of Palomares to report on the two families’ spring bathing outing. Their interest would have been surprising, if it hadn’t been for the hydrogen bomb lying on the ocean floor only a few kilometers away, a bomb with more than 1,000 times the explosive force of the one that flattened Hiroshima. Only a few weeks earlier, on Jan. 17, 1966, the worst nuclear weapons incident of the entire Cold War had taken place off Spain’s southeastern coast. During an aerial tanking maneuver, an American B-52 bomber and a KC-135 tanking aircraft collided in mid-air at 9,000 meters (29,000 feet), and both planes exploded in a giant fireball over Palomares. There were four hydrogen bombs in the hold of the B-52. One landed, unharmed, in tomato fields near the village. The non-nuclear fuse detonated in two others causing bomb fragments and plutonium dust to rain down on the impact site. The fourth bomb fell into the water somewhere off the coast, burying itself in several meters of silt. But where exactly did it fall? In the weeks after the accident, Palomares looked like the set for a film about the apocalypse. On land, men wearing white protective suits and blue facemasks used Geiger counters to scan the ground for radiation. The fields were sealed off, and an entire harvest of tomatoes and beans rotted on the vine. The US government had the fields dug up and 1,400 tons of earth removed. The contaminated soil was then shipped to the United States for disposal. Dozens of American warships patrolled the coastline to seal off the area where a fisherman had seen the bomb landing in the water. It took 81 days to recover the nuclear weapon from a depth of 800 meters (2,600 feet). Expressing its shock over the events in Spain, the German daily Hamburger Abendblatt wrote: “More than any sandbox scenario, the bomb incident makes it clear what it means today to be ‘living with the bomb’.”

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Anthrax spores don’t match dead researcher’s samples
Poisonous anthrax that killed five Americans in the weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks doesn’t match bacteria from a flask linked to Bruce Ivins, the researcher who committed suicide after being implicated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a scientist said. Spores used in the deadly mailings “share a chemical ‘fingerprint’ that is not found in the flask linked to Bruce Ivins,” Roberta Kwok wrote in Nature News, citing Joseph Michael, a scientist at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Michael analyzed letters sent to the New York Post and offices of Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, and found a distinct “chemical signature” not present in the flask known as RMR-1029, which Ivins could access in his laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland. “Spores from two of those show a distinct chemical signature that includes silicon, oxygen, iron, and tin; the third letter had silicon, oxygen, iron and possibly also tin,” Kwok wrote. “Bacteria from Ivins’ RMR-1029 flask did not contain any of those four elements.” The results don’t necessarily exonerate Ivins. The mailed spores could have been removed from the flask and grown under different conditions, resulting in varying chemical contents, Jason Bannan, a microbiologist and forensic examiner at the FBI’s Chemical Biological Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia, told Kwok.

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