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Luke Rudkowski on Russia Today: ‘U.S. media doesn’t want truth’


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We Are Change Talks to America 3: Rihanna Beats Up Thomas Jefferson

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Luke Rudowski Arrested for Attempting to Question Mayor Bloomberg
WeAreChange founder and activist Luke Rudowski was arrested at the Hilton Hotel on Manhattan today for attempting to question New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about his refusal to pay for the health care of 9/11 first responders. Rudowski had Infowars press credentials and a video camera when he was singled out by Bloomberg’s security in the lobby of the hotel located at West 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue). According to a post on the WeAreChange blog Rudowski and other members of WeAreChange were confronted and asked questions by hotel security and Bloomberg’s security detail. Rudowski was apparently singled out and forcibly detained at the hotel and subsequently handed over to the New York Police, who arrested him on a charge of trespassing. Rudowski was also charged with impersonating a member of the press.

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Jimmy Carter Supports a New 9/11 Investigation

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Dead Prez: A Lexus or Justice?

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Programmers Wanted for We Are Change

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