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Wayne Madsen: NC Terrorists Conveniently Arrested During NLE 2009 Unsurprisingly have CIA Connections
The terrorist group arrested in North Carolina and its leader Daniel Patrick Boyd received substantial aid from the CIA in the past, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.
NC terrorists cia


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“A Damned Murder Inc.”

Some time in early or mid-1949 a CIA officer named Bill (OBVIOUSLY Wild Bill Donovan) (his surname is blacked out in the file, which was surfaced by John Kelly in the early 1990s) asked an outside contractor for input on how to kill people. Requirements included the appearance of an accidental or purely fortuitous terminal experience suffered by the Agency’s victim.

Bill’s  friend – internal evidence suggests he was a doctor – offered practical advice: “Tetraethyl lead, as you know, could be dropped on the skin in very small quantities, producing no local lesion, and after a quick death, no specific evidence would be present.”   Another possibility was “the exposure of the entire individual to X-ray.”  (In fact these two methods were already being inflicted on a very large number of Americans in lethal doses, in the form of leaded gasoline and radioactive fallout from the atmospheric nuclear test program in Nevada.) “There are two other techniques,” Bill’s  friend concluded bluffly, which “require no special equipment beside a strong arm and the will to do such a job. These would be either to smother the victim with a pillow or to strangle him with a wide piece of cloth, such as a bath towel.”

As regular as congressmen being taken in adultery or receiving cash bribes, every year or two the Central Intelligence Agency has go into damage-control mode to deal with embarrassing documents like the memo to Bill, and has to  square up to the question – does it, did it ever, have its in-house assassins, a Double O team.

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Operation Blackjack 4 and 5 Boldly Reveal a Pending False Flag Nuke Strike Would Originate from Within the Shadow Government, Good People in Shadow Government Expose and Prevent Subsequent “Rally Round the Flag” False Flag Nuke and Patriots in the Armies of All Nations Stand Up and Take Rise Against Global Totalitarianism—Part-4.html—Part-5.html?image=15

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CBS show Jericho – Predictive Programming?

This was a short lived but heavily fan supported show on CBS. The show starts out with 23 US cities being nuked.
You later find out that it was a false flag attack by people WITHIN the US government that was used as an excuse to nuke Iran and North Korea. The USA splits up into 6 different countries.
Later, the Western United States is taken over by a Corporate Military Dictatorship run by a Corporation much like Halliburton/Blackwater, who attempts to rewrite the Constitution, and “restore order” by imposing MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA and rounding people up into “FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS”. Civil War results. The development of this show had heavy involvement with both the CFR and Rand Corporation. This scenario is on the Elites’ minds, not only that, but they are willing to make a show about it- that should probably ring some alarm bells…
…especially spooky considering the recent UK Telegraph’s unauthored propaganda series “Operation Blackjack”  in the “Culture” section of the newspaper that echo the same scenario:—Part-2.-A-slideshow-story.html?image=3—Part-3.html
Even more alarming and creepy considering Darth Cheney’s nuclear flight of the Albatross in the summer of 2007 that resulted in a possible broken arrow and  a military counterintelligence memo known as the Kennebunkport Warning that was issued days after the incident.

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Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark: New York Plane Crash that Killed 44 Passengers and 4 Crew (again with the 11s) Claims Life of Outspoken 911 Widow and Truth Advocate Beverly Eckert
…Especially troubling as the corporate media is immediately trying to blame the plane nosediving into a house as an icing issue. I believe JFK Jr.’s plane crashed in a nosedive after the fuel valve was shut off and so an Egyptian airliner crashed in the Atlantic in the IDENTICAL manner shortly after the JFK Jr. assassination. Here is a statement from Beverly Eckert, the 911 widow and 911 victims’ family and truth activist: Silence Cannot be Bought (and they can kill you once, but they can’t kill you twice and ideas last forever)
I’ve chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Instead, I want to know what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems that a band of religious fanatics was able to turn four U.S passenger jets into an enemy force, attack our cities and kill 3,000 civilians with terrifying ease. I want to know why two 110-story skyscrapers collapsed in less than two hours and why escape and rescue options were so limited. I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues, including congressional hearings and the 9/11 commission, my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence. The victims fund was not created in a spirit of compassion. Rather, it was a tacit acknowledgment by Congress that it tampered with our civil justice system in an unprecedented way. Lawmakers capped the liability of the airlines at the behest of lobbyists who descended on Washington while the Sept. 11 fires still smoldered. And this liability cap protects not just the airlines, but also World Trade Center builders, safety engineers and other defendants. The caps on liability have consequences for those who want to sue to shed light on the mistakes of 9/11. It means the playing field is tilted steeply in favor of those who need to be held accountable. With the financial consequences other than insurance proceeds removed, there is no incentive for those whose negligence contributed to the death toll to acknowledge their failings or implement reforms. They can afford to deny culpability and play a waiting game. By suing, I’ve forfeited the ”$1.8 million average award” for a death claim I could have collected under the fund. Nor do I have any illusions about winning money in my suit. What I do know is I owe it to my husband, whose death I believe could have been avoided, to see that all of those responsible are held accountable. If we don’t get answers to what went wrong, there will be a next time. And instead of 3,000 dead, it will be 10,000. What will Congress do then? So I say to Congress, big business and everyone who conspired to divert attention from government and private-sector failures: My husband’s life was priceless, and I will not let his death be meaningless. My silence cannot be bought. Those responsible for failings of 9/11 should be held accountable.

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Operation Blackjack Part 3 Exposes Military Industrial Complex Involvement in False Flag Nuclear Attacks—Part-3.html
Of interesting note is the fallout map and the location of the five North American cities targeted. The cities make a rough inverted pentagram. It would seem the high treason criminals in the Military Industrial Complex want to set fire to a nuclear pentagram the size of North America after setting the pentagram of the Pentagon on fire during 9/11 (all warfare in the end is highly ritualized human sacrifice).

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Daily Show and Jon Stewart on Darth Cheney’s Belligerent Threat: You Don’t Know Dick morphs into Why are you Such a Dick?

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The War on Terror is a Hoax
According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections.  Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists. If America were infected with terrorists, we would not need the government to tell us.  We would know it from events.  As there are no events, the US government substitutes warnings in order to keep alive the fear that causes the public to accept pointless wars, the infringement of civil liberty, national ID cards, and inconveniences and harassments when they fly. The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that not a single neocon has been assassinated. I do not approve of assassinations, and am ashamed of my country’s government for engaging in political assassination.  The US and Israel have set a very bad example for al Qaeda to follow. The US deals with al Qaeda and Taliban by assassinating their leaders, and Israel deals with Hamas by assassinating its leaders.  It is reasonable to assume that al Qaeda would deal with the instigators and leaders of America’s wars in the Middle East in the same way. Today every al Qaeda member is aware of the complicity of neoconservatives in the death and devastation inflicted on Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza.  Moreover, neocons are highly visible and are soft targets compared to Hamas and Hezbollah leaders.  Neocons have been identified in the media for years, and as everyone knows, multiple listings of their names are available online. Neocons do not have Secret Service protection.  Dreadful to contemplate, but it would be child’s play for al Qaeda to assassinate any and every neocon.  Yet, neocons move around freely, a good indication that the US does not have a terrorist problem.

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FLASHBACK to Three Days Ago: Government Plans to Use Mosquitoes to “Fight Malaria and Dengue Fever” (or more potential Iatrogenocide from the US Medical-Industrial Complex)
WASHINGTON – Old mosquitoes usually spread disease, so Australian researchers figured out a way to make the pests die younger — naturally, not poisoned. Scientists have been racing to genetically engineer mosquitoes to become resistant to diseases like malaria and dengue fever that plague millions around the world, as an alternative to mass spraying of insecticides. A new report Friday suggested a potentially less complicated approach: Breeding mosquitoes to carry an insect parasite that causes earlier death. Once a mosquito encounters dengue or malaria, it takes roughly two weeks of incubation before the insect can spread that pathogen by biting someone, meaning older mosquitoes are the more dangerous ones. Once a mosquito encounters dengue or malaria, it takes roughly two weeks of incubation before the insect can spread that pathogen by biting someone, meaning older mosquitoes are the more dangerous ones. So they infected the mosquito species that spreads dengue fever — called Aedes aegypti — with that fruit-fly parasite, breeding several generations in a tightly controlled laboratory.
…how much do you want to bet that a transgene or another pathogen that can cross to humans will be “accidentally” slipped into selective batches of these mosquitoes?
Short-Lived Mosquitoes

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Entrenched Criminal Banking Elite Establish a Potential Pattern of False Flag Bank Bombings even Before Obama Takes Office: Jim Blanning, Man Sought In New Years (a 1/1 attack in keeping with the elite’s obsession with 11’s) Colorado Bank Bomb Threats, Found Dead
ASPEN, Colo. — A one-time resident of this city who had been bitter over its transformation into a playground for the rich left four gift-wrapped bombs downtown in a bank-robbery attempt, turning New Year’s Eve celebrations into a mass evacuation, police said Thursday. The dangerous bombs were made of gasoline and cell phone parts and came with notes warning of “mass death.” The 72-year-old man suspected of placing them in two banks and in an alleyway on Wednesday shot and killed himself a short time later, police said. The body of James Chester Blanning, who grew up in Aspen and lived in Denver since 2003, was found Thursday, police said. Blanning walked into two Aspen banks about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and left packages wrapped in holiday paper along with notes saying the boxes contained bombs, police said. The notes threatened “mass death,” demanded $60,000 cash and included criticisms of President George W. Bush, Assistant Aspen Police Chief Bill Linn said at a news conference.
…more EXTREMELY suspicious and likely feigned bank attacks to gain “sympathy” for our poor little entrenched banking elite that is raping what is left of the real economy and sticking up the country with the shotgun of martial law. Looks like our intelligence agencies are taking an example from the British infiltration of IRA radicals in the conflict with Northern Ireland. Suicide, or murder by his handler?

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