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New Trouble for an Obama Nominee: Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 East Timor Genocide
Investigative journalist Allan Nairn reveals Admiral Dennis Blair played a critical role in backing the Indonesian occupation of East Timor during the 1990s. At the height of a wave of ruthless attacks on Timorese that killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands, Blair personally informed top Indonesian general, Wiranto, of unwavering US support. He continued to support the Indonesian military until international outcry forced the Clinton administration to withdraw its military and diplomatic backing.


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Pol Pot and Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge: Trained by the British SAS and Politically Enabled by Neo-Machiavellians Kissinger and Brzezinski
At a time when the USA is supporting Israel’s actions in Palestine, we should remember that the USA and UK supported Pol Pot and his murderous Khmer Rouge. The Kmer Rouge killed off around one quarter of Cambodia’s population. Vietnam was pro-Russia. Pol Pot was not pro-Russia. So the USA and UK supported Pol Pot.

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