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Naomi Wolf on Russia Today: “Obama has the right to lock any US citizen up forever without trial”
naomi wolf russia today


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Operation Blackjack 4 and 5 Boldly Reveal a Pending False Flag Nuke Strike Would Originate from Within the Shadow Government, Good People in Shadow Government Expose and Prevent Subsequent “Rally Round the Flag” False Flag Nuke and Patriots in the Armies of All Nations Stand Up and Take Rise Against Global Totalitarianism—Part-4.html—Part-5.html?image=15

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Aldous Huxley Interviewed by Mike Wallace

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First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family, Infamous Nazi Worshiper and Genocidal Wingnut Prince Philip asks Obama “Can you tell foreign leaders apart?”
The sight of any U.S. president literally bowing to British royalty is enough for many Americans to become outraged. However, the fact that the latest to do so is America’s first black president made yesterday’s exchange between Obama and the Queen of England even more troublesome. Prior to meeting the Queen and her notoriously racist husband, Prince Philip, Obama announced that he “loves” her and that “in the imagination of people throughout America” the queen stands for “decency” and “civility”. How repugnantly ironic that the first black president of the so called “free world” should refer to the most entrenched prejudiced and elitist institution in Europe as an icon of “civility”!
…Prince Philip on his desire to wipe out 90+% of the human population, “If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

…all in the Nazi family, Prince Harry shows his true colors…

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Politico runs front page article on Bilderberg: Bilderbergers excite conspiracists
The highest levels of the Obama administration are infested with members of a shadowy, elitist cabal intent on installing a one-world government that subverts the will of the American people. It sounds crazy, but that’s what a group of very persistent conspiracy theorists insists, and they point to President Obama’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as the latest piece of evidence supporting their claims.  It turns out that Sebelius – like top administration economists Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers and Paul Volcker, as well as leading Obama diplomats Richard Holbrooke and Dennis Ross – is a Bilderberger. That is, she is someone who has participated in the annual invitation-only conference held by an elite international organization known as the Bilderberg group. The group, which takes its name from the Dutch hotel where it held its first meeting in 1954, exists solely to bring together between 100 and 150 titans of politics, finance, military, industry, academia and media from North America and Western Europe once a year to discuss world affairs. It doesn’t issue policy statements or resolutions, nor does it hold any events other than an annual meeting.
bilderberg1Past participants have included Margaret Thatcher, who attended the 1975 meeting at Turkey’s Golden Dolphin Hotel, former media mogul Conrad Black, who has been to more than a dozen conferences, and Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, King Juan Carlos of Spain and top officials of BP, IBM, Barclays and the Bank of England. It is precisely that exclusive roster of globally influential figures that has captured the interest of an international network of conspiracists, who for decades have viewed the Bilderberg conference as a devious corporate-globalist scheme. The fulminating is aggravated by Obama’s preference for surrounding himself with well-credentialed, well-connected, and well-traveled elites. His personnel choices have touched a populist, even paranoid nerve among those who are convinced powerful elites and secret societies are moving the planet toward a new world order. Their worldview, characterized by a deep and angry suspicion of the ruling class rather than any prevailing partisan or ideological affiliation, is widely articulated on overnight AM radio shows and a collection of Internet websites.

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The Obama Deception Drops in the Infowar

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Transportation Agency Attempts to GPS Geotag Every Car and Charge Drivers by Mileage
Last week Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood floated the idea of a mileage tax. “The idea — which involves tracking drivers through Global Positioning System (GPS) units in their cars — is gaining support in some states as a way of making up for a shortfall in highway funding,” reports CNN. It didn’t take long for Obama to reject the idea — at least for now. The National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission report rolling out the mileage tax is designed not to foist this intrusive technology on the American people in the short term, but rather get them acclimated to the idea of being tracked and taxed. “The White House was somewhat premature,” commission Chairman Robert Atkinson told Bloomberg. “It’s absolutely critical that we look at it. The members of Congress that are committed to a robust transportation system are certainly very aware of the risks of that system not having as much money as it needs because of the stated policy of the Obama administration.” According to Atkinson and the panel, the so-called stimulus bill won’t be sufficient to meet highway-funding needs and financing programs in partnership with private companies “can play an important supplementary role.”

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Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: Obama’s Regime Rotation (Classic Bait and Switch)
The arrival of the Obama administration will not fundamentally alter the course of military expansion accelerated during the Bush era. The origins of these policies do not lie uniquely in neoconservative ideology. While the election of President Obama may offer new opportunities for progressive forces to delimit the damage, their space for movement will ultimately be constrained by deep-seated structural pressures that will attempt to exploit Obama to rehabilitate American imperial hegemony, rather than transform it. Indeed, the radicalization of Anglo-American political ideology represented by the rise of neoconservative principles and the militarization processes of the ‘War on Terror’, constituted a strategic response to global systemic crises supported by the American business classes. The same classes, recognizing the extent to which the Bush era has discredited this response, have rallied around Obama. Therefore, as global crises intensify, this militarization response is likely to undergo further radicalization, rather than a meaningful change in course. The key differences will be in language and method, not substance.

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Problem, Reaction, Solution: David Icke NWO 2009 Destruction Mix

…expanding on the Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

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Obama Approval Rating Plunges 15 Points Less than a Week in Office
Barack Obama might have been in office for less than a week, but the euphoria is beginning to wane. The new President’s approval ratings have fallen from a stratospheric 83 per cent to a more modest – although still impressive – 68 per cent. Washington analysts said the scale of the drop in the Gallup poll underlines the immense challenges Mr Obama faces in trying to turn round the U.S.’s battered fortunes. He still remains vastly more popular than his predecessor George Bush – who left office with around 25 per cent approval.
…expect a fortuitous terror attack(s) in the first 100 days of an Obama administration as a desperate last ditch attempt by the ruling elite to crystallize some shred of public consent for the next phase of their tyranny. Here Donald “Mephisto” Rumsfeld salivates at the idea of another 911 to galvanize the US around a bloody false flag banner:

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