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Family Feuding Between the European Bloodlines? Five killed in ‘assassination attempt’ on Dutch Royal Family
The Dutch Royal Family looked on in horror yesterday as a car ploughed into a crowd of wellwishers, killing five and injuring twelve. The car smashed through two police barriers in an apparent attempt to ram the open-top bus carrying the royal party, which included Queen Beatrix, 71. Dutch media reported that the driver, a 38-year-old man, had been fired from his job and faced eviction from his home. He was slumped at the wheel when he was arrested. Police said that the man, who was in a critical condition, had no history of mental illness and had acted alone. No explosives were found in the vehicle.


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Earlier this evening, Alex Jones’ flagship website,, came under a concerted denial of service (DoS) attack. It is unavailable at the time of this report.

The attacks are coming out of Japan. A Whois database search reveals the origin to be the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre in Milton, Australia.

DoS attacks usually consist of concerted efforts to shut down a web server by flooding the computer with requests and consuming its resources so that it is no longer available to users. DoS attacks commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations. Over the last few days, Alex Jones and his websites have covered the so-called swine flu “pandemic” and have built a solid case that the outbreak is part of a larger campaign by the government to frighten the populace and institute martial law as specifically detailed in the Department of Defense’s “Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza” and other government documents. Alex Jones is the primary media source calling the government’s bluff on the bogus “pandemic” elevated earlier today to a level 5 under World Health Organization guidelines. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan declared the phase 5 alert after consulting with flu experts from around the world. “All countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans,” Chan told reporters in Geneva. “It really is all of humanity that is under threat in a pandemic.”

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Swine Flu Propaganda from the 1970s

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DJ MUGGS vs GZA – General Principles

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CNN First Operation Mockingbird Media Outlet to Point Out that the Regular Flu has Killed Thousands Since January to Keep Spread of Swine Flu In Perspective (BIGGER Headline Now is the Establishment’s and Baxter’s Push to Create a Stampede to a Vaccine that Could Contain the REAL Attempted Mass Bioweapon)
— There had been no confirmed deaths in the United States related to swine flu as of Tuesday afternoon. But another virus had killed thousands of people since January and is expected to keep killing hundreds of people every week for the rest of the year. An outbreak of swine flu that is suspected in more than 150 deaths in Mexico and has sickened dozens of people in the United States and elsewhere has grabbed the attention of a nervous public and of medical officials worried the strain will continue to mutate and spread. That one? The regular flu. An outbreak of swine flu that is suspected in more than 150 deaths in Mexico and has sickened dozens of people in the United States and elsewhere has grabbed the attention of a nervous public and of medical officials worried the strain will continue to mutate and spread. Experts are nervous that, as a new strain, the swine flu will be harder to stop because there aren’t any vaccines to fight it. But even if there are swine-flu deaths outside Mexico — and medical experts say there very well may be — the virus would have a long way to go to match the roughly 36,000 deaths that seasonal influenza causes in the United States each year.
…While this release may not be the big one, the far greater danger is at some subsequent point (most likely later this year) the establishment will release a medium mortality strain of a known flu to create a rush to a vaccination that contains a recombinant live bioweapon of the current swine flu, the human-avian hybrid Baxter no doubt isolated from its most recent Eastern European eugenics experiments ( , ,, and an engineered pathogenized strain of the Spanish Flu ( , ). Here is a chance for nurses, doctors, and other health practitioners to unearth a smoking gun if such a flu pandemic flase flag is slated for later this year. To produce the humans that will function as DNA recombination machines to manufacture the pandemic strain, in the rush by the public to seek vaccination the Establishment will contiminate a small portion of vaccines with all three of the aforementioned strains in multiple global locations. If (or when) the mass vaccination occurs, health care practitioners should clandestinely take a portion of each vaccine lot and transfer it to a trusted, independent laboratory that will immediately leak the results fo Project Camelot or Wikileaks. No doubt, a pandemic that kills in the hundreds of millions later this year will be used as a tool to condition the public to unflinchingly accept whatever circumstances of quarantine will be useful for advancing a totalitarian stranglehold on power. After the Establishment creates an atmosphere of quarantine over years, it will then release an airborn strain of Ebola (whenever it can successfully be designed) ONLY after the Establishmenst is 100% sure they possess an effective vaccine for their “Black Sunshine”. This way, they can innoculate themselves and whatever chosen human pets and minions they want to survive to usher in their “New Renaissance” as they go Moonraker on the rest of the “mindless eaters”. There is background activity to suggest such experiments with aerosol Ebola and a vaccine are underway as within the last month an experimental vaccine was used on a researcher exposed to Ebola (,2933,511096,00.html , ).

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Chrysler to Merge with Bilderberger-owned Fiat? Disgraces Legacy of Dodge, Mopar, and Hemi by Joining Chrysler with Maker of the Italian Equivalent of Yugo
DETROIT (Reuters) – U.S. automaker Chrysler, already operating under government emergency aid, would cede control of its board and ultimately senior leadership if it completes a planned alliance with Italy’s Fiat SpA. The U.S. government and Fiat would appoint a board of directors for Chrysler, with a majority of them independent and not employed by either automaker, Chrysler Chief Executive Bob Nardelli said on Thursday in an internal memo to staff. “The board will have the responsibility to appoint a chairman,” Nardelli said in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters. “The board also will select a CEO with Fiat’s concurrence.”
…If Fiat takes over Chrysler, the company should declare Chapter 11 before hand and seperate Dodge and Jeep into their own corporation. The late 1960’s to early 1970’s Dodge/Plymouth muscle cars (Coronet, Challenger, Charger, Superbee, Superbird, Baracuda (Cuda), GTX, Duster) were perhaps the best automotive engineering EVER to come out of Detroit (there is a reason why all drag cars have Hemi blocks), and a merger with Fiat is a repudiation of this heritage. Here, driver Kowalski uses his psychic connection with DJ Super Soul to blast a white supercharged 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T soul machine past the po-lice Blue Meanies on a cannonball run from Denver to San Francisco in the 1971 cult classic “Vanishing Point.”

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12 Monkeys in 2 Minutes

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Obama Won’t Take Away Your Guns…He’ll Just Take Away Your Ability to Buy or Press Your Own Amunition
Remember CANDIDATE Barack Obama?  The guy who “wasn’t going to take away our guns”? Well, guess what? Less than 100 days into his administration, he’s never met a gun he didn’t hate.  A week ago, Obama went to Mexico, whined about the United States, and bemoaned (before the whole world) the fact that he didn’t have the political power to take away our semi-automatics.  Nevertheless, that didn’t keep him from pushing additional restrictions on American gun owners. It’s called the Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials.  To be sure, this imponderable title masks a really nasty piece of work. First of all, when the treaty purports to ban the “illicit” manufacture of firearms, what does that mean? 1. “Illicit manufacturing” of firearms is defined as “assembly of firearms [or] ammunition … without a license….” Hence, reloading ammunition — or putting together a lawful firearm from a kit — is clearly “illicit manufacturing.” Modifying a firearm in any way would surely be “illicit manufacturing.”  And, while it would be a stretch, assembling a firearm after cleaning it could, in any plain reading of the words, come within the screwy definition of “illicit manufacturing.”

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Naked Wizard Tasered – NSFW Coachella Music Festival
…viewer beware, non-issue nudity dwarfed by savage minute+ long tasering.

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Recombineering a Pandemic: Swine Flu Erupts in Mexico, Crosses Border into Texas and California Hot on the Heels of Baxter Contaminating Flu Vaccine with Live Avian Flu

Mexico shut down schools, museums, libraries and state-run theaters across its overcrowded capital Friday in hopes of containing a swine flu outbreak that authorities say killed at least 20 people — and perhaps dozens more. World health authorities worried openly that the strange new virus could become a global epidemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said tests show some of the Mexico victims died from the same new strain of swine flu that sickened eight people in Texas and California. Of the 14 samples tested from Mexico, seven were matches, said the CDC’s acting director Dr. Richard Besser. Mexico put the confirmed toll at 20 dead, but 40 other fatalities were being probed, and at least 943 nationwide were sick from the suspected flu, the health department said.
…this is a bold attempt to create a recombinant swine-avian-human flu that can rival the 1918 Spanish Flu.

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