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Israeli Hasidic Extremists “Thank” Americans for the Billions of Dollars in Aid and Weapons we Give them Each Year to Brutalize and Radicalize Arabs (or the American cash cow ensures another generation of boogeymen for the Israeli psychopathic elite to manipulate)

…cutting off aid to EVERYONE in the Middle East is one of the most brilliant ideas Ron Paul has floated. These neighborhoods in Israel are also the same very places that impose “modesty” patrolsĀ  and assault women dressing “inappropriately.” Patriarchy at its finest…


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Aussie Israeli Ambassador Lets the Beans Slip: Iran to be Attacked within Month

…if the Mossad are truly the culprits behind the Telegraph’s Operation Blackjack terror propaganda, here are some likely dates in the next month that something is liable to go down with Iran: 2/1/2009 (which is a blackjack “21” and is 2 weeks from the 1/18/2009 ceasefire), 2/2/2009 (a multiple of 11), or 2/20/2009 (another 22 and multiple of 11 and 33 days from the Gaza ceasefire declaration as a homage to the highest-known-degree of freemasonry), or finally 2/22/2009 (another 22). As per 22’s, the most recent Gaza conflict was exactly 22 days before the declared ceasefire and the 6/22/2009 operation blackjack terror propaganda occurs 22 weeks from the ceasefire.

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