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BIOTERRORISM RED ALERT: Illuminazis Conduct Live Test of Transgenic Ebola Based Airborne Bioweapon in Birds

After not posting for a long time, given my particular knowledge and expertise in biological sciences, I believe the Illuminazis of the New World DIS-Order recently conducted a live transgenic bioweapon test in birds on 1/1/2011 (these serial killers do love their pyramid number 11 obsession). Here are articles of mass die offs in birds occuring in multiple continents over the span of the last week starting with the 1/1/2011 Arkansas event:
Also, I believe the potential HAARP produced earthquakes over Arkansas is an elaborate mirage to divert truth seekers and the conspiracy community from the true cause of the birds death: bioterrorism (remember from the Kennedy assassination and other events, these people– I use the term people very loosely– love to stage multiple layers of red herrings in a blitz attack in attempts to pathetically cover their own signatures and hallmarks). In every instance of these bird deaths, the organs were found in a state of absolute liquefaction WITHOUT any penetrating trauma wounds or lacerations. Progressive organ liquefaction by the destruction of the endothelial lining of blood vessels is EXACTLY how Ebola, Marburg, and Lassa fever kill humans (your organs turn to a bloody bag of pulp JUST like these birds). Thus, the white hats in special forces and the scientific community need to IMMEDIATELY obtain multiple samples of these birds to conduct further scientific analysis discretely. Tissues samples from afflicted birds should be promptly collected and tested for the presence of hemorrhagic fever virulence genes.
Another massive red flag that this even is indeed a wet run of a mass kill “Pale Horse”/”Red Plague” bioweapon meant for humans is the fact a key Bush adviser working in bioterrorism with the highest security clearances was most likely assassinated directly following the mass bird die offs.

Lets stop the damn Illuminazi Albert Weskers of the New World DIS-Order!!


January 9, 2011 - Posted by | Biological Terrorism

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