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Columnist: Draft is needed because we may have to invade Pakistan
Conservative columnist Tony Blankley foresees a dangerous future, in which the United States will be able to ensure its own survival only through a universal military draft and may routinely have to commit hundreds of thousands of troops to overseas excursions, including a potential invasion of Pakistan. Blankley, a former Reagan speechwriter and Newt Gingrich press secretary, is the author of The West’s Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations? (2005) which raised the specter of a Europe dominated by radical Islam. His new book is called American Grit. “If we don’t do a lot of things smart and tough, we could get overwhelmed,” Blankley told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday. “We’ve failed to exploit our energy. We’re not paying enough attention to what our kids are learning — Bill Ayers is actually a senior person in guiding the curriculum design of America.” One of Blankley’s more eye-catching proposals in American Grit is that all eighteen year olds should be subject to two years of required military service.
…if this is attempted, it will make the Civil War New York draft riots look like childs play.


January 13, 2009 Posted by | Draft Watch/Draft Riots | 1 Comment