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SUPER BOWL FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: More Revelation of the Method in “The Dark Knight Rises” (Orden Ab Chao)?

Do the Illuminati–the secret society corporate merger/ “truce” between the Masons (Templars ), Skull and Bones (Teutonic Knights/ Order of the Death’s Head), and the Jesuits (Roman Praetorian Guard/Cult of Dagon)–have nuclear fireworks planned for Super Bowl Sunday?:
Super Bowl Cover

Several details by what passes for “news outlets” these days describing the events of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting are at least as implausible as many elements of prior “deep state” false flag terror events in the last 100 years. Here is a nice segment on some glaring inconsistencies in the official narrative of the shooting and several other suspicious shootings over the last year:

Also, also points out some strong evidence that if a MK-Delta programmed slayer team was involved, they may have absconded from the scene dressed as nuns in a van:  .Was 2010’s “The Town” really revelation of the method, a favorite tool of the Illuminati, for the New-TOWN massacre?:

A Sandy Hook region appears as Bane’s first strike zone on a map in “The Dark Knight Rises” as further evidence of revelation of the method surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting:
Finally, was MK Beta slave Lil Wayne’s video “My Homies” revelation of the method before the Aurora Shooting as it features 12 skeletons (the number of casualties that resulted from the event)? This video is LOADED with dissociative MK-Ultra visual triggers and mind control references and symbolism (especially for those that are Beta programmed) and makes reference to last year’s “Feast of the Beast” that occurs every 28 years within Illuminati families (see still below video):

12 Skeletons from video with Lil Wayne wearing animal print MK Beta sex slave dissociative trigger shorts:
The Illuminati’s “Feast of the Beast Year,” 2012 Edition:
The best resource for identifying MK ultra programming patterns can be found at this excellent website:  and the site’s companion facebook page: .This site is more exclusive for Beta (sex slave) visual programming triggers and patterns. Delta (assassin) mind control programming routines and are MUCH more highly concealed and guarded but a very common visual trigger is the trigger of a shark or other large predatory mammal (think zoo animals) as a dissociative trigger for animal sacrifice that occurs as routine part of Delta programming from birth. Much more details on how MK Ultra trauma based dissociative mind control programming scripts and networks of slave handlers/ “programmer rabbits” work (the “Freedom Train” of Amerika), as well as how to identify those MK Ultra programmed around you forthcoming in future posts.

Also, several articles have emerged over the internet the past week detailing a possible strike on the Superbowl as a desperate Hail Mary to get World War III going and blame it on the Iranians/North Koreans/Chinese/Russians/Venezualans/Malians/anyone we can’t shove our central bank down the throats of and/or who is sitting on resources we covet and they can’t defend. This most concise synopsis for such a scenario is posted on
Interestingly, few online have pointed out Bane’s detonation of a football stadium that also occurs in “The Dark Knight Rises” as a potential instance of revelation of the method in this movie for a nuke attack or other terror strike on the upcoming Superbowl:

There is also a subliminal Skull and Bones “322” right before the owner’s box detonates (The story goes that in 322 B.C. the Greek orator Demosthenes died and with him the Greek Goddess Eulogia known as the goddess of eloquence went up to the heavens):
In the next scene Bane “introduces you (the citizens of Gotham) to the instrument of your liberation” ( making reference to staged terror as one of the Illuminati’s favorite tools):

Let’s hope by widely circulating that such a brazen and desperate terror attack on the Superbowl (potentially nuclear) will utterly not be believed to scare such powers from this plan. Otherwise, those in power in law enforcement, the military, and intelligence should be maintaining a noose around any suspicious vessels traveling near stadium or check the foundation of the stadium to ensure no nuclear or other explosive devices were planted during the construction of the stadium. If such a plan is set in motion, the proverbial eye of this Illuminati plan should be ripped out before this comes to pass as in this scene from “Any Given Sunday”:

Will the detonation further happen at half time during Beyonce’s peformance as a fire sacrifice offering her up as a  diamond-level MK Beta programmed sex slave and goddess symbol?
Beyonce photographed with dissociative animal print MK Beta Sex slave trigger panties by “photographer” (I use that term VERY loosely) Terry Richardson, US equivalent of UK MK Ultra monster Jimmy Savile:
Beyonce practicing for the Super Bowl:

Still from Super Bowl rehearsal displaying black and white stripe/checkerboard MK Ultra dissociative visual trigger/dualism reference:


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