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Pittsburgh Cop Killer’s “Inspiration” from Alex Jones Disproved: Three Jones-related Comments on Killer’s Website Criticize Jones for not Scapegoating Controlled Demolition of Global Economy on Jews
Max Blumenthal
has joined the slander campaign against Alex Jones in the wake of Richard Poplawski’s murder rampage in Pittsburgh. Max is the son of former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal. He is widely published on liberal websites and is a research fellow for Media Matters for America, the website spawned by the former neocon David Brock, who describes himself as a “hit man” for all things Democrat.take money from groups affiliated with the globalist George Soros, the hedge fund manager who is “dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive,” according to the neocon Richard Poe (it will be a “socialist hive” at the behest of the bankers, and certainly not for fossilized communists and SDS throwbacks, although Poe does not say that). Blumenthal brings up the fact the mental case Poplawski had visited and posted on Alex Jones’ Infowars website. As we noted previously, Infowars has an open comment section and anybody can post, so long as they do not threaten violence or post pornography — and that includes Stormfront neanderthals who think Zionists and Jews control the world. Blumenthal and others neglect to mention that Poplawski’s posts (count ‘em, three short posts) were critical of Jones because he didn’t blame the Jews for the New World Order. It bears repeating: Poplawski was an Alex Jones critic, he was not a supporter.


April 8, 2009 - Posted by | Alex Jones/ Infowars, Assault on Free Speech

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