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Arnold der Gropenfuhrer Attempts California Constitution Coup to Centralize More Power to the Governorship,0,2821475,full.column
From Sacramento — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he “absolutely” loves the idea of holding a constitutional convention to overhaul state government. California hasn’t had such a confab in 131 years. But as Sacramento continues to embarrass itself, a citizens’ movement is mounting to call one. The Republican governor would like the convention to consider, among other things, eliminating some statewide offices — like treasurer, controller, superintendent of public instruction and, especially, lieutenant governor, all currently held by Democrats. “It makes no sense that the governor is surrounded by constitutional officers who are trying to derail him,” Schwarzenegger says. “Look at the way the nation runs: The president appoints those Cabinet positions.” He’d also like another crack at extending legislative term limits. Under the current limits, the governor says, “the staffs and the special interests are running the Capitol, and the legislators — the elected officials — can’t get up to speed in time before they have to bow out and leave. So it is not good for anybody.”


February 26, 2009 - Posted by | California Recall?

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