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CBS show Jericho – Predictive Programming?

This was a short lived but heavily fan supported show on CBS. The show starts out with 23 US cities being nuked.
You later find out that it was a false flag attack by people WITHIN the US government that was used as an excuse to nuke Iran and North Korea. The USA splits up into 6 different countries.
Later, the Western United States is taken over by a Corporate Military Dictatorship run by a Corporation much like Halliburton/Blackwater, who attempts to rewrite the Constitution, and “restore order” by imposing MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA and rounding people up into “FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS”. Civil War results. The development of this show had heavy involvement with both the CFR and Rand Corporation. This scenario is on the Elites’ minds, not only that, but they are willing to make a show about it- that should probably ring some alarm bells…
…especially spooky considering the recent UK Telegraph’s unauthored propaganda series “Operation Blackjack”  in the “Culture” section of the newspaper that echo the same scenario:—Part-2.-A-slideshow-story.html?image=3—Part-3.html
Even more alarming and creepy considering Darth Cheney’s nuclear flight of the Albatross in the summer of 2007 that resulted in a possible broken arrow and  a military counterintelligence memo known as the Kennebunkport Warning that was issued days after the incident.

February 16, 2009 - Posted by | Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism, FEMA Concentration Camps, Northcom Designates all US Citizens Enemy Combatants, Popular Culture Social Programming, Propaganda

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