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Des Forges GRD ’72, human rights expert, killed in plane crash
Alison Des Forges GRD ’72, one of the world’s leading experts on the human rights violations in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, was among the passengers killed in the commuter plane crash outside Buffalo, N.Y., late Thursday. She was 66 and lived in Buffalo. Her death was confirmed by Human Rights Watch, the New York-based organization for which she worked for nearly two decades as a senior adviser to its Africa division. desforges1Born in Schenectady, N.Y., in 1942, Des Forges wrote her doctoral thesis about Rwanda and began working for Human Rights Watch in the 1980s. She spent four years interviewing organizers and victims of the Rwandan genocide and testified at 11 trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda as an expert witness. According to Human Rights Watch, Des Forges “dedicated her life and work to understanding the country, to exposing the serial abuses suffered by its people and helping to bring about change.” “There was no one who knew more and did more to document the genocide and to help bring the perpetrators to justice,” Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. Considered the definitive account of the Rwandan tragedy, her book, “Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda,” was published in 1999 – the same year the MacArthur Foundation awarded Des Forges a “genius grant” for her work. Des Forges’ last research work for Human Rights Watch, still unfinished, was a report about the recent killings in eastern Congo. After spending some time in Europe, Des Forges was returning home to Buffalo, where she lived with her husband, Roger Des Forges GRD ’71, a history professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Des Forges is also survived by a daughter, a son and three grandchildren. Continental Connection Flight 3407, from Newark, N.J., to Buffalo, crashed about six miles short of the airport in Buffalo during a light snowfall on Thursday night. Des Forges was among 44 passengers who were killed; four crew members, an off-duty pilot and one person on the ground also died.


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More Flight 3407 Cover Up Evidence: Multiple Witnesses Hear Problems with Engine

…this as icing primarily causes navigation problems with heavy wings and rudders frozen into position, NOT engine noises.

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Suspected US missile kills 20 in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – A suspected U.S. missile strike by a drone aircraft flattened a militant hide-out in northwest Pakistan on Saturday, killing 20 local and foreign insurgents, intelligence officials said. At least 15 militants were also wounded in the attack in the restive South Waziristan tribal region, where Pakistan has launched several military operations against the Taliban, al-Qaida and their local supporters in recent years. The Taliban surrounded the targeted house and transported the dead and wounded out, said three intelligence officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. No government or military spokesmen were available for comment. Pakistan is a key ally of the United States in its fight against terrorism, but it has opposed missile strikes in the country’s tribal regions where Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents are believed to be operating. The U.S. has launched more than 30 missile attacks in recent months. Saturday’s attack came days after Pakistani leaders told Richard Holbrooke, an American envoy dispatched by President Barack Obama to the region, that the U.S. attacks should be stopped as they were counterproductive and fueling anti-America sentiment in this Islamic nation. It also came a day after a militant group holding an American employee of the United Nations warned it would kill him within 72 hours and issued a grainy video of the blindfolded captive saying he was “sick and in trouble.”

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Ron Paul: What if the American people learned the truth?

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