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More Change We Could Never Believe In: Obama preserves rendition two days after taking office
Two days after taking the helm of a country ready for change after eight years of George W. Bush, President Obama has allowed one controversial “War on Terror” tactic to remain in place: rendition. Despite frequent condemnation of the practice around the world, rendition — the secret capture, transportation and detention of suspected terrorists to foreign prisons in countries that cooperate with the U.S. — remains in the CIA’s playbook, thanks to a Jan. 22 executive order issued by President Obama. Other executive orders shuttered the CIA’s secret prisons and banned the harsh interrogation techniques that have been termed torture. And in his most widely noticed break with his predecessor, Obama signed an order to close Guantanamo Bay’s prison within one year.
…surprise, surprise, yet another fascistic move that occurs on a numerological 22 this year (the others being the 6/22/2009 operation blackjack terror threats from Western intelligence agencies and Israel’s exactly 22 day bloodbath in Gaza). Here, a CIA plane used for renditions crashes with 4 tons of uncut cocaine in the Yucatan.


February 2, 2009 - Posted by | High Treason and Corruption, Torture and Rendition

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