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A History of Fascism Repeats Itself: The Power Of Brand-Old Message Art
The power of precedent isn’t easily dismissed, however, and the new norm in Obama imagery suggests a dividing line that might sort out the Obama fanatics from the Obama skeptics, Obama cynics and the Obama wait-and-see crowd. Perhaps because the fundamentals of this graphic style emerged at a time when the United States was struggling not to go down the paths of fascism or communism, it makes an older generation nervous. Political branding is a staple of political life. But this branding, so brilliant, so airtight, seems strangely indifferent to the iconic precedents of authoritarian propaganda, its origins in forms such as Soviet poster art from the 1920s, that Americans have resisted like the early Romans resisted kings. At the same time, by using these tainted techniques to stand for a message of hope and unity, the poster reaffirms a message coming out of the Obama camp: We won’t be threatened by old symbolism. It parallels, perhaps, the decision to invite the Rev. Rick Warren, who opposes gay rights, to participate in the swearing-in ceremony. All are welcome, the past is forgotten, so long as it’s being done in the name of hope and unity and the rest of the spiel. Symbolism can be suffocating, and one way to neutralize dangerous or noxious symbolism is to re-brand it, and move on. And the Obama people are all about moving on from the stultified past.
…and this from the CIA’s and Fed’s favorite newspaper the Washington Post of all sources!
Also, Obama’s Judas goat inauguration pastor Rick Warren brainwashes his flock into blind submission to totalitarianism:


January 17, 2009 - Posted by | Popular Culture Social Programming, Propaganda

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