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Time to Total Recall the Gropenfuhrer: California, a State of Unrest
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could not have been more blunt. Nothing is going to happen in California unless the huge budget deficit is dealt with. Normally, a governor in his annual State of the State address takes credit for his accomplishments for the past year and lays out an agenda for the coming year. But Schwarzenegger, if nothing else, has a sense of the dramatic, so he cut to the quick, literally, in a 12-minute warning aimed at legislators. The governor’s plan to deal with a deficit that will climb to at least $42 billion in 18 months is stark enough. He’s already told state workers they will need to take two days off a month without pay, starting next month. He’s told all state departments to take a 10 percent cut. All in all, he has come up with $17.4 billion in spending cuts, $14.3 billion in tax increases and $10 billion in borrowing.
…time to recall this fascist slime using the same grease trail method of a recall election that he used to slither into office.


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | California Recall?

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