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ABC News Pathetically Tries to Smokescreen High Altitude Total Surveillance Blimps as UFOs for Northcom

Although its not exactly shocking to hear of yet another homeland security application that seems to border on Big Brother, Lockheed Martins High Altitude Airship could keep an elevated eye on 600 miles of US countryside at any given time, and if all goes as planned, well have 11 of these things floating over our everyday activities by the end of the decade. The HAA prototype is a ginormous airship that measures 17-times larger than the Goodyear rendition were all used to seeing above sporting events, and is designed to hover 12 miles above the earth in order to keep tabs on whats happening below. The airship is slated to be solar-powered and should stay in a geocentric orbit for “up to a year,” and if equipped with high-resolution cameras, a single one could cover everything “between Toledo, Ohio and New York City.” While Lockheed Martin is thrilled with the $40 million project theyve been awarded, its certainly understandable to get a little worried about how these blimps will actually be used, but a company spokesperson suggested then an entire fleet could actually be used for “border surveillance” — and hey, we need a little help down there anyway, right?
…this attempt by Northcom to smokescreen illegally deploying 4th amendment obliterating Zepplin deathstars is pathetic at best. You can even make out the propellers and fins.

ABC News Pathetically Tries to Smokescreen High Altitude Total Surveillance Blimps as UFOs for Northcom


January 7, 2009 - Posted by | Northcom Designates all US Citizens Enemy Combatants, Panopticon USA, Propaganda

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