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The Fabians Push Scary Gun Propaganda like the Santa Christmas Murders while Ignoring Police Officers that have Served in Iraq Going on Killing Sprees
Before donning the Santa Claus suit that would deceive his first victim, Bruce Pardo spent months plotting his Christmas Eve massacre behind a mask of friendliness that fooled his neighbors, lawyer and the ex-wife he killed along with eight of her kin. As early as last summer, Bruce Pardo was purchasing ammunition and guns and ordering supplies to build a device to torch his former in-laws’ home. In early fall, the unemployed electrical engineer ordered a custom-made, extra-large Santa Claus suit from a seamstress. In July, Pardo began purchasing guns and hundreds of rounds of heavy ammunition, and started building a device to spray highly flammable racing fuel in his in-laws’ home, police said.
…notice how NONE of the killing sprees that police officers that have served in Iraq have conducted EVER make mainstream news. Will liberals wake up before American law enforcement is converted into paramilitary death squads?


January 2, 2009 - Posted by | Assault on the Second Amendment

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