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Don’t let claims on honey labels dupe you, If it’s made in America, it’s likely not organic
When it comes to sizing up the purity of the honey you buy, you’re pretty much on your own.You may be paying more for honey labeled “certified organic” or feel reassured by the “USDA Grade A” seal, but the truth is, there are few federal standards for honey, no government certification and no consequences for making false claims. For American-made honey, the “organic” boast, experts say, is highly suspect. Beekeepers may be doing their part, but honeybees have a foraging range of several miles, exposing them to pesticides, fertilizers and pollutants on their way back to the hive.
…it would be interesting to see the effects on bee populations and honey toxicity in combination with declassified chemtrail flight patterns.


January 2, 2009 - Posted by | New World Order "Environmentalism"

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