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Airstrikes rock Gaza as truce remains elusive;_ylt=At7WI0KZEYVD3qwbKIHaNg6s0NUE
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli jets bombed the Palestinian parliament building in Gaza early Thursday and navy ships opened fire at Hamas positions along the coastline as diplomatic pressure to end six days of devastating violence showed little immediate effect. Explosions shook Gaza City as Israeli planes targeted three government buildings, including the parliament. Hospital officials said 25 wounded were evacuated from nearby houses. The military said aircraft also bombed smuggling tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border, part of an ongoing attempt to cut off Hamas’ last lifeline to the world outside the embattled Palestinian territory.
Mideast Israel PalestiniansPalestinian residents of east Jerusalem hold a candlelight vigil supporting Gaza outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008. The Security Council scheduled emergency consultations Wednesday night to discuss an Arab request for a legally binding and enforceable U.N. resolution that would ensure an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

January 1, 2009 - Posted by | Israeli-Arab Conflict

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