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EPA: Rivers high in arsenic, heavy metals after sludge spill
KINGSTON, Tennessee (CNN) — The Environmental Protection Agency has found high levels of arsenic and heavy metals in two rivers in central Tennessee that are near the site of a spill that unleashed more than a billion gallons of coal waste. The agency said it found “several heavy metals” in the water in levels that are slightly above safe drinking-water standards but “below concentrations” known to be harmful to humans. “The one exception may be arsenic,” the agency said in a letter to an affected community. “One sample of river water out of many taken indicated concentrations that are very high and further investigations are in progress.”artsludgeirpt


December 29, 2008 - Posted by | New World Order "Environmentalism"

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  1. That’s funny, I didn’t read anything about toxic fly ash and sludge containment in the coal industry’s “clean coal” propaganda campaign that has been mainstream for the past couple of years. When evaluating this industry and technology, we must take in to account the pollution associated with extraction, power generation and storage/management of the biproducts of these activities. The clean coal promises are those concerning the containment of GHGs produced during power generation, but nothing more. Even if GHG reduction through “clean coal technology” is a reality, it is clear that there are other issues associated with energy generation from coal that need to be addressed. Mainstream media needs to do a much better job in informing the public of these realities. So get to work!

    Comment by Rodney O | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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