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A Thwarted False Flag?…Lebanese army discovers 7 missiles ready to be fired at Israel found in south Lebanon
Lebanese authorities discovered seven missiles aimed at Israel in southern Lebanon, an official Lebanese news agency reported Thursday. The missiles are currently under inspection to determine whether they were enabled for launch, and they will subsequently be dismantled, the news agency reported. The missiles were found five kilometers from Lebanon’s border with Israel, in an area which is considered a Hezbollah stronghold but is officially under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1701. Under the terms of the UN resolution, it is forbidden to station weapons in this area.
…especially interesting considering this occurred on Christmas day only two days before today’s carnage in Gaza. Were the more unsavory elements in the Likudnik/Irgunite political faction in Israel planning to instigate a Christmas day massacre on two fronts to initiate and lash an Obama administration to a larger conflict in the Middle East before Obama can even take office and attempt diplomacy?


December 28, 2008 - Posted by | Israeli-Arab Conflict, State Sponsored Terrorism

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