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Homeland Security forecasts 5-year terror threats: Promises the Federal Government will Inflict a Biological False Flag on the Public as a PR Campaign for FEMA Concentration Camps
Intelligence officials also predict that in the next five years, terrorists will try to conduct a destructive biological attack. Officials are concerned about the possibility of infections to thousands of U.S. citizens, overwhelming regional health care systems. There could also be dire economic impacts caused by workers’ illnesses and deaths. Officials are most concerned about biological agents stolen from labs or other storage facilities, such as anthrax.
…once again, if ANY biological attack happens the pentultimate usual suspects would have to be the Rockefeller Foundation and the Federal Government via USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute for infectious diseases) bioweapons bazaar inside of Fort Detrick, MD. If anyone has ever worked inside of Fort Detrick, you begin to become mighty mighty suspiscious (especially in lieu of the first wave of anthrax attacks and the murder of scientist patsy Bruce Ivins) of why USAMRIID is almost at the entrance of the south end gate of Fort Detrick across from the gym facilities–perhaps an easy way to spirit bioweapons out of the facility. Anyhow, all scientists and military personnel working on Fort Detrick (from the National Cancer Institute to the basic science labs) should be on red alert for a security breach that will likely result in the next biological attack within the US in 2009. This will be used as a PR ploy to get people used to filing into FEMA camps to get their shots and medicine from the ever so benevolent United States Federal Government.


December 27, 2008 - Posted by | Biological Terrorism

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