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Probable Biological False Flag Target for 2009: Fresno, CA

The likelihood of an avian influenza outbreak orchestrated around Fresno, CA in the San Joaquin Valley is highly probable sometime within the first year of the next administration. In 2006, the California Golden Guardian Terror exercises encompassed a response to a mass avian influenza outbreak in Fresno:
Additionally, from talking to residents in Fresno, Arnold the Governazi has made multiple unannounced visits to the city over the past few months. Thus, the Establishment has already cased Fresno as a potential biological false flag target. The Gropenfuhrer’s secretive recent visits to the city also reinforce this possibility. One of the obvious goals of this attack would be to transmogrify the extremely unpopular governor who is under very real threat of a recall election in the coming year into a savior after a terror attack (just as Giuliani’s dead political career was resuscitated from 9/11). Arnold will need this PR boost if the Neocons wish to make him military governor of North America if conditions devolve into a cry for national socialism over the next four years. Also, Fresno is the closest major city in Central California to the highly, highly coveted agricultural and dairy infrastructure of Tulare County. Thus, the military may also use the opportunity as a war game to take over parts of the agricultural lifeblood of the US.

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